Do You Own Your Own Domain?

Or Do You Author Your Own Website?

If your answer to either of these questions is yes,
Please take a minute to learn about my favorite web host; A1Webserver. You'll be glad you did.

A1Webserver is a genuine U.S.A. based, U.S.A. owned, and U.S.A. managed company serving satisfied, loyal customers all over our Nation. When you establish your domain's hosting account with A1 you get a bushel of good service that they don't even brag about; they just treat you like family.

One of the advantages you won't see until you need it is that A1 has been associated with one of the finest domain registrars on the planet since A1 was formed; the Enom Registrar. You won't really appreciate that fact until you need changes or updates for your domain ownership and management. When you make your own changes in your own client's area at A1WebServer, it is automatically populated to the registrar! None of that jumping back and forth between your email addresses to verify making a change, and no depending on someone else somewhere to make your changes. You make the change and it's made. Now you can fast forward to your other tasks without waiting breathlessly to answer and verify cris-crossing emails.

One fact of domain ownership is this: Having both your host and your registrar know you personally creates a very large advantage if any problems arise. Enom and A1 have been very close partners ever since "day-one" when Larry Griz Dozier established A1, and it remains so today. When you speak with either one they know you by name. A big advantage.

Webbing your own domain means you are definitely, sometime, going to have questions regarding some aspect of managing your domain. Maybe it will be something you've never had to do before. That happens to me, so I know you will experience it also. A1Webserver will respond according to your need. If it's just a question that you are unsure of but not time-critical just use your support ticket feature. Knock out your question, click "send" and you'll get an answer or a problem fixed in a few minutes. Is it some important thing you either want or need an answer to now? Just telephone toll-free 1-877-726-3081 and speak with a genuine resident A1Webserver tech. Not a phone-answering outfit somewhere on the planet.

If you are like me you've been managing your domains for years, and you've hosted with more than one host. If you've ever felt like there should be more personal customer service than what you're getting with your present host. do yourself a big favor and try out You'll be glad you did!

My friends deserve the best host and registrar, so here is the link:

A1 Webserver Web Hosting and Domain Registration.

Thanks, Ken Lawton

Our Lawtons

We do have a bunch of Lawtons in this good old USA.

My great-greats started out in the Boston area then migrated west.

It's a long story with a lot of twists and turns.

Some of those old Lawtons even started towns and cities.

One time I tried to find all the Lawtons named Ken on Planet Earth.

It got a bit crowded. with about fifteen hundred of us.

Luckily I've never found any really bad rascals among them.

Lawton City Zip Codes

Lawton, PA 18828
Lawton, WV 25864
Lawton, KY 41164
Lawton, MI 49065
Lawton, IA 51030
Lawton, ND 58345
Lawton, KS 66781
Lawton, OK 73501
Lawton, OK 73505
Lawton, OK 73507